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Animal Shows 

It’s time to add a taste of nature and animal experience to your event by exhibiting top-notch animal shows comprising exotic and native animals from around the world. The Capital of Texas Zoo introduces amazing animal conservation and awareness program in the shape of Austin Petting Zoos. We aspire to spread animal education among children by offering astounding animal shows for a diverse range of events. Animal shows must be hosted indoors. No Mess! The animals that require diapers do and we place a mat on the floor for the other ones that can not just in case…well you know! If your looking to have the most awesome birthday party ever do not hesitate to contact us

ALL Shows must be indoors. 

Please text us at 512 507 5111 to make a reservation in no time! 5 minutes or less!

Program One – One hour long and you choose 8 of your favorite animals. $270 
Program Two45 minutes long and you choose 6 of your favorite animals. $250 

We cater to holiday events as well! Easter, Halloween, Fall festivals and Christmas. We work with live performances, photo shoots and film including commercials. Contact us for more information

Kumo and Okami

Kumo and Okami, the worlds smartest baby otters! Have one of these cute, friendly, real life versions of a gremlin come to your party or special event! Super fast, full of energy, I’ve never seen anything like it. They may decide to sit on your head, they may decide to give you kisses, they may decide to have nothing to do with you!!!! but they are nothing if not completely and totally fascinating. They have been trying to do a show. They’ll give high-fives, play dead, etc. or they may decide to take a nap-. But you will get to pet them and probably give them a hug or two, take a picture with them, they’re always up for that! their attention span usually lasts no more than 45 minutes! $1000 for an appearance

 There are many new and exciting animals that are not listed above. We do take in some recues and misplaced animals.  All of our ambassadors were either from homes that could no longer care for them or raised by us from babies.


Visit our Animal Ambassadors    

Reptile Shows

We can bring Them to you!

Reptile Shows can add fun to any event or party…shoot us an email with your information and details of your event and we can help you put the best package together for your event.

Austin Petting Zoos has the most unique reptile show in the nation.

  • 1 hr School Programs – One hour long and you choose 10 of your favorite reptiles. $250. $100 additional per hour.
  • 45 minute School Programs – 45 minutes long and you choose 8 of your favorite reptiles. $200. $100 additional per hour.
  • 1 hr School Asembly (groups up to 200)– 1 hr long and you choose 10 of your favorite reptiles. $225. $100 additional per hour.
  • Birthday Parties– 60 minutes long and you choose 10 of your favorite reptiles. $240 or $225 with 8 animals. $100 additional per hour.
  • Science Nights, Festivals, Camps, After-school and Special Programs– Please contact for pricing.